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Yoga - Class Types

Find the classes that work for your body and your unique needs

Vinyasa Flow

Open Level

A creative and juicy yoga class guided by instructors of various lineages and approaches to keep your practice interesting and challenging. The word vinyasa means linking mechanism. In a vinyasa class a yoga instructor will guide you through a sequence which links each movement to your breathes in an effort to create a focused connection between the body and the mind. Depending on the school a vinyasa class may be very slow, medium or fast paced. We recommend having at least 6 months experience practicing yoga before trying a vinyasa yoga class.

Energetic Vinyasa

Open Level

An ashtanga based cinyasa flow with offerings of breathing exercises, kriyas, inversions and backbend

The Power Yoga & Sculpt Method

Here For You

Vinyasa style yoga for toning, strength and flexibility! This is a new class with a strong Vinyasa Flow sequence using weights, therabands, magic circles & more with conditioning to build long lean muscles & strong joints and assist in your goals for flexibility & strength. Build strength to compliment your flexibility (and help increase your flexibility), work on your #goals with Grace and increase your endurance and understanding of how to practice common postures safely.

Hatha/Vinyasa Flow

All Levels

A Vinyasa Flow Class that will include a series of seated postures, pranayama and detailed instruction on how to practice the pose of the day.

Flow & Restore™

A Signature Move With Grace Class

A class created by founder Grace, the first half of class will be a slow paced vinyasa flow to warm up the body and the second pasrt of class is a restorative, yin, or yoga nidra practice where we relax into postures for 5-10 minutes at a time for restoration of tired muscles and overactive minds. One of the best ways to end or start your week. All Levels

Gentle Flow

Take it easy, Take it slow

Perfect for any BODY that needs to take it slow. Seniors, Mature Adults, disabled and bodies with limited mobility and even younger bodies that need a day off from challenging classes.