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Our COVID-19 Response

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

At Move With Grace we're learning as we go along with the state mandates, just like you! Today's blog post touches on some of our on-going response to the latest pandemic as a small business owner. Please fill out our contact form if you have any questions or concerns.

  • In-Studio Group & Private Classes All memberships & class cards have been frozen. I felt this was the right thing to do even though it would be a major loss for us. We can not honor these memberships for streaming classes because it is not financially viable to offer unlimited classes. I will be rolling some new memberships soon! We hosted our final in-studio group class the week of March 9th although we have felt the effects of COVID-19 since February. Since then we have been offering streaming classes almost everyday. Sign up for the "pay-what-you-can-afford" classes on the ZOOM video conferencing platform. Our check-in procedures will change but for now you can sign-up for class via Mind Body website or app and we will email you the class link and password approximately 15 minutes before class start.

  • Our Juice bar has limited hours This is a time when we should be vigilant about our health, so we have been open for people able to walk outside. We have a takeout window and have been practicing social distancing limiting 0-1 persons in the juice bar at a time. How to support small storefront businesses and stay home? Call us for faster pick-up or delivery and Purchase gift cards. We prefer that you do not use seamless/grubhub because we can not survive with their high commission fees.

  • Purchase a Gift Card or two! You can purchase a gift card today but we will be offering gift cards as part of our fundraiser. Move With Grace and our staff has not received any stimulus funds or loans as of today. We are working on the fumes of business from our slow winter season and I am using any money we have left to pay our employees. Scary times, but after 14 years, I feel like we will pull through with your help.

  • A clean space has always been our priority. We have hand sanitizer for sale by my sister and Myrtle Ave Business alumnae Karen's Body Beautiful! Move With Grace has received an A inspection rating every single year for the last 8 years we have been operating our juice bar! We have all taken food safety courses and have been aware of cross contamination as something to be vigilant for in our work, business AND home. Our juice bar manager routinely performs a 60-90minute cleaning every night. Cleanliness has always been a priority for me in presenting a welcoming and trusted business to the community. It is of paramount importance to have a clean and tidy work and practice space for our community. Street shoes have never been allowed on our studio floors and the first 5 years in operation I personally disinfected every mat after every use with a mat cleaner that I make and sell. It is made with pure grain alcohol, tea tree and other high quality essential oils. If you have ever been inside our studio you have noticed signs and heard announcements to properly and generously disinfect your used blocks, mats and dumbbells and other props that have been in contact with our skin and any sweaty part of our bodies. I have also trained our yoga instructors to show every client how to disinfect their props and make sure that mats are properly cleaned by clients and visitors. Since the announcement of the virus being easily spread in the first weeks of quarantine we have been disinfecting our work space with pure 90% alcohol and lysol wipes. Our goal is to heal what ails you, not the inverse!

  • Stick with us. Things have changed overnight and now that we can not see you every day in the neighborhood or walking into our studio, because so many of us are going through it alone-together...follow us on social media to see our updates and open hours. I may even post something on twitter! I have always been super busy with the responsibilities of managing/operating a full time juice bar, yoga studio AND teaching classes so I have previously only used social media and newsletters at a bare minimum. Marketing/Promotions is honestly not one of my personal strengths but we will get there and we will be there for you in the ways that it counts most.

Thanks for checking in with us. Stay strong NYC and Planet Earth!

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