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Since 2006, Move With Grace has been known for an unparalleled commitment to offering healing services like group & private yoga, pilates and dance classes and educating our community about healthy foods to remedy ailing minds and bodies. We are now living with new standards of public health, interpersonal connections and hopefully building compassion towards those we do not even know by treating ourselves well and interact with the world in a healthy way. We encourage your to We will be streaming classes online and offering videos to keep your workouts fresh. Thank you for keeping our community alive and for your support as we continue to go to work to support the community with our healing juices and food! Check out this page for links to get started again!


Move With Grace

The Full Story

In 2006 Grace Tappin opened the first yoga studio in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area of her hometown Brooklyn. Previously, Grace was a graduate of the Spence School and an alumni of Cornell University School of Arts & Sciences. She was a former all season athlete and dancer trained in ballet, jazz, modern and musical theatre. Her journey to teaching yoga began as an apprentice to Amma Wilson a Brooklyn yogi then year later she was certified by Yoga skills Kemetic Yoga school, Equinox Institute Pilates and Barre Intensity. Grace has been teaching yoga, meditation & awareness based practices to NYC youth and adults since 2006. Our first location at Myrtle and Washington was a humble DIY space with offerings of yoga, pilates, dance, fitness and space rental for artists and fitness entrepreneurs in need of commercial space. The business quickly grew to be known as a space that was welcoming to blossoming yoga teachers and a true community space for all ages, body types and levels of yoga experience. At the time many studios were focused on intense power vinyasa classes, so we made sure to have offerings of beginner's classes, gentle, meditation and classes for seniors. In 2006 Grace also introduced her signature class Flow & Restore™ now a popular class for yogis of all levels that combines slow vinyasa flow & restorative yoga in one class. Our juice bar located just across from the studio is curated by Grace as well. Grace's journey to healthy eating began in high school when her brother introduced her to a vegan lifestyle, ital foods and martial arts. As a yoga student she found a network of Brooklyn based holistic wellness teachers already on the path of healthy living which gave her the tools to study and practice raw food eating and juice fasting. At the time we learned about healthy eating through books & teachers! Using love & mindfulness as our pillar; Move With Grace Juice bar is dedicated to offering alternatives to processed & sugary foods for the community which suffers from high levels of diabetes and high blood pressure. We also offer the largest selection of super foods to create truly unique juices, smoothies, salads and açai bowls that are good for your unique bodies! Experience our business through quality instruction and quality juices to get 100% involved with your self-development and betterment.

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